Sunday, 11 June 2017

A Blast from the Past

First of all welcome to my new followers Patricia and Felicity, and a belated welcome to Faye.

When I was poking about in one of the op shops in town I came across this magazine and it made me smile.  It was only 10 cents so I had to buy it (It still had the tissue patterns inside!).  I remember my Mum and both Grans having this magazine,  I finally got to flick through it and it was fascinating reading, things have changed,  yet are the same!

I was taken back in time, not by the dress styles,  I don’t remember the fitted styles in this magazine my dresses were more of a gathered skirt and a bow to tie at the waist.  But then I am thinking of the late fifties and early sixties.
I was fascinated with the advertisements. Didn’t they have slim waists then!  No wonder there were lots of ads for weight loss fixes!

Obviously weight was an issue even then; there were at least 6 ads for losing weight, and about also 5 for nervous tension depression etc.  Things haven’t changed!

My mum always had a tin of this in the cupboard, now I know why!

The ad above, is the one that cracked me up the most.  It shows how ideas have changed.  In fact the whole tone was that women were to look after and cherish their men feed him well and he will be happy with you.  This was particularly so in the letters to the agony Aunt, to the extent that the adice given to one poor lady was that it was her fault that her husband went out every night partying refusing to take her.  Oh how times have changed, in fact I think the opposite is true nowadays.  Inst it strange how we humans throw out the baby with the bath water?

I am positive that I had a cardi just like this, it was red with white hearts.

On an end note, another bit of nostalgia, here is a picture of me (in the middle) on my 8th birthday, the doll was a present from my Gran, I wasn’t particularly happy with it as I wanted a bike!

Todays 5 Blessings,

 Sunshine and no frost!
A load of washing done
Phone call from my sister who lives in Aussie (she’s the one holding the small doll.)
Was able to get an hour’s gardening done and noticed that there are still some passion fruit on the vine!!

Thanks for visiting and will see you soon.