Menu Plans

As I get paid fortnightly the menus are for a fortnight

Tuesday 7 March - Monday 20 March
This fortnight I am experimenting with a vegetarian menu.

Tuesday - Bean Burger and Salad
Wednesday - Mushroom, Zucchini and Walnut Pasta
Thursday -Vegetarian Quiche

Friday - Nachos and Salad
Saturday - Ginger Honey Marinated Tofu and Vegetable Stirfry with Noodles
Sunday - Vegetable Stew and Rhubarb and Custard Pie
Monday - Potato and Cauliflower Curry with Boiled Egg and Rice.
Tuesday - Lentil and Quinoa Pilaf
Wedneday - Vegetarian Lasagne
Thurday - remains of lentil and Quinoa Pilaf
Friday - Ginger Honey Marinated Tofu and Vegetable with Rice
Saturday - Rest of Vegetarian Lasagne
Sunday - Homemade Pizza
Monday - Bottom of Fridge Frittata 

Tuesday 21 February - Monday 6 March

Tuesday  Roast chicken, potatoes, kumara, carrots and peas, strawberries
Wednesday –Cold Chicken, potato salad, lettuce salad, fresh peach
Thursday – Broccoli and feta fritters, garden salad and fresh peach

Friday – Impossible Quiche, garden salad and fruit salad with yogurt
Saturday – Chicken Pilaf, lettuce salad, yogurt and berries
Sunday - Roast Pork and the trimmings, Bread and Butter Pudding
Monday - Black Bean`Quesadillas, Fruit salad
Tuesday – Cold pork, broccoli, carrots and Jacket Potato, rest of Bread and Butter Pudding
Wednesday – Chicken curry and rice, yogurt.
Thursday – Stuffed zucchini (mince beef), rice, carrot salad, preserved apricots
Friday – Sweet and Sour pork, noodles and stir fry vegetables, apple
Saturday – Broccoli/cauliflower soufflĂ© and garden salad, apricot crumble
Sunday – Chicken risotto, using last of chicken and stock made from the carcass, chocolate mousse  
Monday – remains of risotto made into a patty with a pocket of feta cheese, chocolate mousse
Breakfast is usually toast and Vegemite or jam, or a cereal, such as cornflakes or weetbix, milk and preserved fruit.
Supper will be the cereal if toast is had in the morning or a cup of soup and salad sandwich. I will make ratatouille to have some days as a change.

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