Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Lets Start Again!

Hello There!

Yes I know I haven't been a good blogger.  To be honest I didn't know where to go with this blog.  I realise you have to have a passion to blog regularity.  I do have a passion but I was trying to add too many facets like cooking, garden etc.  So now on I will just blog about my passion crochet!

I did have a period where I didnt crochet as I didn't know where to gbo after the grannie blanket frenzy ran out.  But recently I have discovered Ravelry and oh my was I a happy person.

This cushion has been sitting around for months, poor thing!  Mu mojo was lost.  I decided to do the BAM2015 in the rest of the wool that I intended to use for the grannie blanket.  So it is going to be a stash buster!

The passion is back!

I have discovered a group 2015 Block a Month and the designs are gorgeous!  Over the last three days I have completed 7 squares!

Pizzazz January's main block

Happy Hearts February's Main block

Emmalynn March's main block
I am using Double Knot wool instead of worsted - what's that anyway?  So my squares are 9 inches instead of 12 inches.
There are 3 more optional squares that I hope to get done over the next week or so.

Well thats Blanket no 1.  I have started no. 2 from last years and patterns from Look what I made blog BAM Tutorials.  This blanket is for my sister and I need to get it finished before her birthday.

Yes, the passion is back, thankyou Ravelry!

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