Wednesday, 22 April 2015

New Blankets

I have started another Sophie's Universe!  I really want a blanket that is in your face bright, sort of the gypsy look?  I think that this fits the bill.  I have to admit that I am loving it more than my brown, red and teal one.

I also want a lapghan for snuggling into while watching TV at night now that winter is fast approaching. I love squares and decided to do 6 inch ones using the BAM 2015 squares and any others that I see on Ravelry that I like. So this morning I got started, two done and dusted! 

Smoothfox's May flower the BAM 6" square for April

Shelley Husband's Garden Gate (Pattern on Ravelry)
This is the BAM 2015 April Filler, I love it, but it was a bit tricky, there was a lot of frogging at the beginning.

I'll be back soon with more crochet goodness.

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