Friday, 20 January 2017

Best laid plans of men and mice.....

Not long after my last post I was involved in a car crash and that turned my world upside down!  All my plans went out the window, my garden became a haven for weeds, and the simple life became very simple indeed – looking out at the world from my window!  If it wasn’t for my crochet, I think I would have sunk into deep depression.  Being disabled is not fun.  But I am a fighter and with the help of God’s grace I have been able to begin to have a semblance of normal life.  I am still on crutches, but on good days only need one and it will get better.

Hope and Thrift, a blog I rediscovered when I saw it in my sidebar (I hadn’t even visited my own blog as it seem to spell out all my lost dreams of retirement.) when I came to delete my blog.  Thank you Jane for giving me hope, your blog was the lightbulb moment that made me realize that I could still live a Simple life as I planned although with modifications.

With that lightbulb moment came help from some friends at my church, they made up a working party and set to and are in the process of cleaning up my garden and making it easier for me to keep tidy.  I am very blessed to have these people in my life.

The goal is to have everything ship shape by autumn (it’s too hot to plant new vegetables here now) and have some raised beds for a Winter garden and then reassess things in Spring, by which time hopefully I will have thrown my crutches away!

Meanwhile I decided to keep this blog going and chronicle my steps on this path, perhaps somewhere someone will be encouraged by my path.

Every day I plan to count my blessings, just the simple things.  So some posts will just state my blessings for that day and some will have a bit more meat!
So without further ado, three blessings for today:

1. It rained last night, real heavy!  The ground needed it as it is tinder dry.  It has also cooled the air and today feels fresh and invigorating.
2. My plum trees are laden with fruit, so I see a jam making and preserving session coming on.
3. I have enough provisions in the cupboards, and won’t need to go out till late next week. (Even enough sugar to make plum jam!)

So a happy New Year and may all that you hope for comes.


  1. Dear Sharon, thank you so very much for the kind words. I feel so very blessed to be able to give you some encouragement. I pray that you will be crutch-less by Fall too! It sounds like you have a wonderful church family. Hope each day that passes finds you stronger! BTW, I answered your question about canned goods on my blog. Happy Spring!


  2. Thanks for your visit Jane. I do have an absolutely wonderful church family, which is so important to me as I have no family left.