Sunday, 19 March 2017

Need or Want?

Hello People, it has been a wonderful sunny autumn day here, not too hot and a gentle breeze in fact the word would be balmy.  Autumn is definitely here as the trees are starting to change colour.

Autumn is coming!
I also had a wonderful week with visits or phone calls with dear friends, some who hadn’t been in touch for a while.  Also, I had good news of a windfall coming my way.  This leads to the title of this post.  You all know I want a mobility scooter, this windfall means I can get one within a few weeks or even sooner.  The question is do I get a new one or a second hand one?  There is enough for a new one, I want a new scooter but do I need a new scooter?  It is a difficult question; if I get a second hand one I will have money for other items. 

So pondering this I wrote down all the things I might be able to get and thought about whether it was a want or a need.  Result: new glasses – want as I still can read fine print, just the distant is blurry or double, lol.  So they will be a need eventually; new computer – want purely, there is nothing wrong with the one I got even if it is windows 8, lol; sewing machine, is purely a want, I don’t really need it. Freezer is a want and sort of a need, but I think I will be better off getting a new fridge freezer with a bigger freezing compartment than what I have at the moment.  That is not really urgent as there is not much freezing to be done in winter now that I am vegetarian.  You get the picture. Oh there is one thing that is a need but I don’t want is a hearing aid!  Ha ha!  Still doesn’t help me decide whether to get a new scooter though, the advantages of a new one is that they can go faster and further than the older models and they have a 2 year warrantee.  That is appealing, more thought is needed.

All this has led me to think about how even if we are living a simple life the mores of our consumer society can rear its ugly head.  This was unexpected money and my first thought was how to spend it!! Shame on me! Lol.  But then again I am thinking you can’t take it with you when you depart this mortal coil!  I have enough already, although I know people think I am tight!  For example when my TV broke down at Christmas, I decided to go without.  People are so shocked when you say you haven’t TV, I was going to throw my TV out whenever I could get some strong guys to do it as it is one of those old heavy monsters.  I am beginning to think I will leave it and let people draw their own conclusions, ha ha.

I have noticed that now that I am consciously trying to live a simple life that I am automatically asking myself when faced with a purchasing decision, "Do I really need this? If I don't NEED it, why do I want it? Are my reasons for wanting it valid, or am I just letting myself get caught up in some mass-culture buybuybuy frenzy?"

There are so few things we actually NEED. Food, shelter, basic clothing, that's about it. Taking care of true NEEDS isn't generally a huge problem, at least not for many of us. It's the things we WANT but don't NEED that are tricky. Sorting out the worthwhile wants - the ones that will truly enhance our lives and bring us joy - from the wants that are just quickly forgotten and create clutter.
Do you struggle with deciding how worthy a want is?

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  1. Hello Sharon! Another wonderful post! It's the little needs/wants that I get hung up on. I have no trouble deciding on the big expensive purchases, but things like whether to buy the thrifted skirt, I never take time to consider. I need to work on this, but at the end of the day, as you said, you can't take it with you and you might as well get some enjoyment out of your hard earned money. You said that a new scooter would go faster? That might make the decision for me. Ha! I know what you mean about the TV. People think you are some sort of kook for not having one. Many people think it is a need, I'm afraid. Enjoyed seeing a glimpse of your home. Enjoy that Autumn!


    1. You know what? For all my indecision over the last few days, guess what I did, I went and bought a brand new scooter, the sales man let me take it for a little ride and it was so comfortable, I said Ill take it and got my wallet out! I also made an appointment to have my eyes tested too. and wait for it I bought a Fridge Freezer! I had some time to fill in and decided to look at my favourite appliance store to see what the cost would be. Well they had the fridge freezer that I wanted, a large freezing compartment and it energy rating was tops, and wait for it it was under warranty for 10 years! To top it all it was on sale (30 percent off) The sale finishes tomorrow, so again I said I will have it and as I was a cash customer free delivery and they will take my old one away for me! (I know I could sell it but it would take time and I have nowhere to keep it anyway).
      I am so pleased that I started of the day with putting half of my windfall in a savings account that I cant touch for 6 months. I think I might be a spendthrift ( but it givin g me great joy.

  2. Oh, lots to ponder! I'm so glad you will be able to get a mobility scooter sooner rather than later. Personally, I'd go for a new one, especially since it comes with a 2-year warranty, if I have enough money for a new one. I wouldn't want to be out and about and have it break down and be stuck with a big repair bill.

    Glad you had a good week filled with visits and phone calls. By the way, your living room looks so comfortable and lovely with all the house plants and books. Do your cats leave the plants alone? My Dancer tries to eat the leaves of all my house plants!

    Hope you have a lovely week and pleasant weather.

    1. Hi Bless, I bought my scooter today and it is a new one, I test drove it and it was so comfortable and the price was not as much as I was expecting so I guess I will be zipping about all over the place now!
      My cats will leave most alone but any that is grass like or flaxy they will eat! So they have to go on top of the bookshelf!
      Have a great day.

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