Sunday, 16 April 2017


I hope you all are having a peaceful Easter, I am!  Sorry, I haven’t posted for a while, life got in the way.  I have had some health issues and they are being sorted (Thyroid problems).  I just have to be patient. LOL! I have been visiting your blogs but haven’t been leaving comments as my brain has been somewhat foggy!  Over the last week I have noticed a big improvement, so fingers crossed.

 Also I have been thinking about blogging and all that it entails.  I don’t seem to be able to blog consistently and that set me thinking about why I want to blog and what sort of blog I want.  Do I want it as a daily or weekly diary, or do I want to write about my passions and interests, so I have been pondering and one thing I do know is that I like writing, I thought about the blogs I like to read and they are the ones about daily life and living in this world simply.  I think I know where I got stuck.  I have been trying to have a cohesive image to my blog, well that is not me!  I am a bit scatty and my brain leaps all over the place, I go off in tangents in conversations.  I admire people who can keep to topic, but I seem to be incapable of doing so.  They say that for a blog to be real, it has to reflect the person writing it.

So my dear friends, you will be seeing a blog that may be about cooking one day, the next day about my thoughts on the world, then again it might be about my art or crafts, my garden, or practising thrift.  I might blog every day for a while and then again I might not blog for a bit.

This weekend, I have no visitors for once and I have had time to myself to do some art which is a great joy for me as I haven’t picked up my art materials for a long time.  This piece is a pastel in which I digitally added the text.

Another bit of news is that I now have a mobility scooter and it has changed my life!  I will blog about that later on.  Also my budgeting was successful for March and ended with a big surplus, so I decided to keep the amount at $50 a week put the surpluses into a sealed pot for Christmas treats.

Have a wonderful Easter (or what is left of it)



  1. Sharon, so glad to see a post from you! I had checked earlier in the day and was getting a bit concerned when I didn't see an update! Sorry you've been having health issues, but glad they are being attended to and taken care of. Hope you continue to recover.

    Your artwork is lovely! The words are very meaningful, as well.

    Blogs tend to evolve over time, I find. I like reading posts about what people do in their daily lives, crafts projects, gardening, cooking, frugal ways, how they manage their grocery budgets, meal plans, etc. Just write about whatever you feel like writing, Sharon, and I am sure we will all enjoy reading it.

    Happy Easter to you, Sharon. Hope you have a lovely day, tomorrow, too.

    1. Thank you Bless, I am learning to take things one day at a time or even one hour at a time, lol!
      I guess I got despondent about blogging as I had posts written in my head, but didn't have the energy to put fingers to the keyboard so to speak.
      Today (Monday) is going to be a quiet day again, it is raining so I can ignore all the chores outside, the inside chores can wait, I think I will visit two of my very elderly neighbours as they find the long holiday weekends very lonely, and hopefully I will write a post tonight about our local market.

  2. Hello Sharon! So good to see a post from you! Your art work is stunning. I had no idea you were an artist. I enjoy whatever you choose to write about. Whether it's cooking, crafts or gardening, it is you and that's what is important. Can't wait to read about your adventures on your scooter. Hope the health issues iron themselves out soon so you can enjoy your Autumn. Happy Easter!


    1. Hi Jane thank you, I have drawn and painted all my life, sometimes my painting mojo disappears for a while but it always turns up again like this weekend, I havent done any art for well over a year!
      I think feeling negative is part of the thyroid problem along with weight gain, foggy brain, losing hair, and fatigue! I am usually a positive person and this negativity I am getting is so alien to me! But I am sure things will improve(they already have) even more.
      I hope to write a post today or tomorrow about my scooter adventure of yesterday! Autumn seems to be on hold here as the temps are still high for this time of the year, we are getting a lot of rain though (2 tropical cyclones have swept over the country in the last 10 days) lots of flood everywhere, fortunately our area has been spared.

  3. Your art work is beautiful and so is your poem... so glad you're well and posting. I love reading your blog, and to hear about NZ. I have a friend in Wanganui who is always saying, 'I have spare rooms,' but it is so far away from UK, too long a journey for me these days. Enjoy your travels on your scooter!
    Blessed Easter.

    1. Thank you Chris. Wanganui is one of my favourite towns, it has a lot of character, it is about 2 hours from here. I know what you mean aboujt too far to travel, I have lots of friends in the UK who are always asking me to visit, I lived there for 17 years (Westcliff-on-Sea and Eastbourne). Your pictures of Southend always brings back the memories.


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